Practical tips for a lice-free start to the school year

Practical tips for a lice-free start to the school year
As the first week of the new school year dawns before us, children delight in reconnecting with their schoolmates and recounting the highlights of their summer holidays. Parents, however, are often a little leery that these happy times may not be entirely hassle-free. Indeed, when children mix with one another, they inevitably share a host of germs and sometimes even head lice. Following are three simple, effective tips for keeping these little pests at bay.

Boost child awareness
First and foremost, it is important to understand that lice spread primarily by means of direct head-to-head contact. Hence the importance of urging your children to hold back on hugs and fixing one another’s hair at the outset of the new school season. Since there is also a risk of indirect transmission, remind them that all manner of head gear, including accessories such as combs and brushes, are not to be shared with their classmates.

Tie back long hair
One easy habit to get into is to tie back long hair prior to heading off for school. The reason for this is simple: hair held in place is far less likely to come into contact with lice when children brush up against one another. Even though lice are not given to jumping from head to head, they are fast moving and can readily latch on to a stray strand of hair.

Check children’s hair carefully
Lastly, check your children’s hair at least once a week, or more frequently if lice are known to be an issue in your area. Leave no room for doubt. Comb your children’s hair section by section from root to tip using the special NYDA comb.  The comb’s fine teeth are designed to dislodge lice and nits (lice eggs) quickly and effectively.

If, despite proper preventive action, these little pests should make their way into your household, do not panic. The tools you need are readily available! Begin by applying NYDA anti-lice formula to the heads of all individuals affected. This special formula contains no neurotoxic chemicals, and kills lice and nits in just 58 seconds. Remove dead lice and nits using the specially designed NYDA comb.

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