Head lice home treatment and remedies

Our grandmothers handed down more than recipes for apple or sugar cream pie. They also passed on myriad so-called miracle home remedies. Made using ingredients readily available in the home, these remedies purported to work wonders, even cure infestations of head lice. Let us take a closer look at these home remedies and see how they measure up to commercial lice treatments.

Powerfully scented repellents

Strong, highly concentrated scents are apparently effective for warding off lice.  Essential oil of lavender or a thyme-based infusion can apparently keep your hair free of these little creatures. However, these homemade repellents cannot guarantee total protection. Why?  Because even recognized treatments cannot prevent infestations, thus powerfully scented preparations even less so.

Home mixtures for exterminating lice

Another home remedy for exterminating lice is to apply mayonnaise over the entire head.   Or to apply a blend of lavender flowers and vinegar which has been allowed to ‘cure’ for two weeks. Both are said to be effective in eliminating lice . However, you must keep these mixtures on your hair for hours on end and repeat several times to ensure lasting results.  Then you will need to wash your hair thoroughly with a powerful shampoo afterwards!

Truly effective solution

The surest solution would be to use a product specially formulated to eliminate head lice and nits.  If you are concerned about product ingredients, look for NYDA’s lice and nit treatment. NYDA is effective, contains no neurotoxic chemicals or pesticides, and eliminates lice quickly and safely.

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